Advancement of Injured Workers-disABLED, LLC - Founder & Principal
Advancement of Injured Workers-disABLED, LLC - Preventative Education Promotes Work Wellness
AIWD's mission is to provide effective preventive educational trainings on Occupational Risk Management, promote Return to Work (RTW), Wellness and Consulting services which will assist various industries reduce and contain work related illness' and injury costs with a defined purpose and delivery of excellence. Render in-depth advocacy services for individuals with disAbilites. AIWD values are are Integrity, Commitment, Advocacy, Respect and Excellence 
(“I CARE”).
  • Committed to seeking out the most comprehensive format to best represent the immediate and long-term needs of clients.
  • Committed to embracing new vision, new strategy, and determine the best interest of all parties involved; employer as well as employee.
  • Committed to equipping employees with the essential tools; knowledge and community resources to manage an effective occupational illness and/or injury claim to promote resuming gainful employment at a greater rate.
  • Committed to developing and implementing the most cost effective plan to deter and/or contain related costs.
AIWD assist employers to reduce the elevated costs associated with an injured employee through occupational related illness and/or injuries. AIWD's injury management consultants provide essential tools to assist the injured employee effectively navigate through the problematic system regarding medical care, insurance company and ensure the best and most appropriate advocacy is provided. AIWD's goal is to assist the injured employee resume healthy gainful employment at a greater rate.

Monitrice Malone, Founder & Principal

Monîtrice Y. Malone, Founder & Principal

An accomplished senior risk analyst and multi-cultural community relations professional with nearly two decades of broad experience in government policy and management, law and justice, and managerial and business policy. In addition to advanced knowledge of allied health care management. 
A leader as a information marketer in leveraging persuasive communication and relationship management skills, thorough knowledge of adult learning principles and theory of design for both synchronous and asynchronous learning solutions, building consensus and achieving influence across all business levels and organizational boundaries. Securing supportive relationships in both the private, public and nonprofit sector. Adept group facilitator with an in-depth understanding of group dynamics and diversity.

Successful in developing and executing strategic marketing programs, including implementing diverse communication projects designed to support and strengthen client’s business performance. Master experience in Risk Consulting, Medical Managed Care, Medical Cost Containment, State Advocacy, Intellectual Disability Disorder (IDD) and case management. 

Simultaneously, Ms. Malone indefatigable advocates for the disABLED population, Senior Community, and Texas Injured Workers.

Ms. Malone is continuously active with The Governor's Committee on People with DisAbilities-Texas, Texas Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC), Social Security Administrations (SSDI), U.S. Dept. of Labor-OSHA, Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA), Inter-American Foundation, (IAF), The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), U.S. Dept. of Justice, and various government agencies.

Ms. Malone is a Certified Disability Facilitator, Certified Disability Leadership Leader, and Certified OSHA Health & Safety Trainer. 

DisABILITY Advocacy
 "Dynamics of  DisABILITY" 

 -It is my personal and professional crusade to raise the profile and increase the awareness of professionals with disAbilities. Nationwide I address the business community to promote inclusion and diversity of individuals with disAbilities in the workplace.
Individuals with disAbilities are specifically "individuals", and must not to be grouped into one category. We all have priceless experiences, abilities and characteristic's, which are competitive mainstream attributes. Thus, we all must be assessed accordingly. If business leaders, elected officials and other non-profit organizations collaborate together to promote success for individuals with disAbilities, not one person will be denied the fundamental right to be employed without unwarranted barriers or bias’. Then we all will have fulfilled our civic and moral duties.
Due to our citizens being subjected to one of the most challenging economic down turns in the 21st century, we all desire a sense of security and stability like never before. Please ponder this thought; there is no greater honor than making the difference in the life of someone that desires to make a difference in your life. When ordinary people connect, extraordinary fruit abounds.
I believe we are all created with an innate ability to be extraordinary. Whether that's being the greatest mother your children could ever have, the most diligent superintendent in your field, greatest waitress that ever served or even a speaker informing, educating and empowering - as I am, that may well be your destiny. Thus, individuals with disAbilities have meaningful destinies. As a business leader what role do you want to have in a candidates destiny - impeding or empowering?
Effective advocacy initiatives are executed for the rights and needs of all people with disAbilities; address business leaders nationally on collaborative efforts for individuals with disabilities in the workplace, assists in coordination of compliance with all federal, state and city laws concerning people with disabilities.
Lifted from the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, which among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."
 "One has yet to serve until one serves the most under-served." -Monitrice Y. Malone

Social Responsibility
AIWD believes in fundamental values that support our company's Mission and Vision. One of the core values are commitment to our clients and community. We not only aim to educate but enhance both the lives of our clients and community. Here are several charities, organizations and partners we are associated with: